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Hi there and welcome! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. 

Hi my name is Jennifer Trennum. I'm an audio engineering graduate, freelance sound effects recordist/designer, and asipiring foley artist from Ontario, Canada. I started this blog to share my love for healthy food, photography and creative sound design (I love me some awesome monster sounds). I love to record unique and fantastically great sounds. Sound effects recording is like a treasure hunt to me. It's a thrill when I find that perfect sound. Now what foodie doesn't love all the unique little sounds of the kitchen? Coffee percolating, knives chopping on a wooden cutting board, a gas burner being turned on, pasta boiling away in a pot on the stove, wine glasses that tinkle together as you pour some red, the fizz of a beer on a hot summer day. And that gentle breeze that blows through the curtains of an open window while you cook away to the sounds of the outdoors. Ah the little comforts of home!

I like to think that cooking is something that brings you back to your roots and connects you with your family. What's better than a house filled with the aroma of apple crisp baking away in the oven while you sit down to Sunday dinner with your loved ones?

I believe in eating wholesome, real, local food, while living an active life. Cooking doesn't have to be about creating complicated masterpieces that require a chef degree. The way I see it; simple tastes best.

Here I would like to share with you my love for food, great recipes, music related musings, and food photography.

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Thanks for stopping by and I always love to hear from readers!

Bon Appetit!